News: Hop stairs on a unicycle

Hop stairs on a unicycle

Our SoCal buddy Terry 'The UniGeezer' Peterson (Geezer? What? Old? No way!) pulls insane tricks we've only previously seen from fixie kids and bmx-ers. But he's tearing it up on only one wheel!

This "unitorial" lays out every step you need to achieve precise and fluid unicycle stunt abilities.

Stair hopping is more a psychological challenge than a physical one. Terry explains that stairs help you to perfect the drop-in's by requiring you to move forward on the cycle. Check out his other videos on mountain gaps and drop ins!

Hop stairs on a unicycle

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Hello everybody! Hope you enjoy my "Unigeezer Unitorials". Check out my website:


good,i like it

"Steve Colligan plans to ride across the mountains of Nepal and Tibet on a unicycle!

On the 23rd September 2008 I fly to Nepal, then onto Tibet. I am going to ride my unicycle 1000km (620 miles) across the Roof of the World, from Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. I will be using this ride to raise as much money as possible to help fund an NGO (non-governmental organisation) and its projects to improve the educational facilities and amenities in a remote village in the Himalayas.

The 47-year-old unicyclist has ridden all over the world, but never a path this difficult. The chosen route is one that mountain bikers consider an extreme adventure, but it's never been done on a unicycle. The average elevation of the route is 4,000 meters, and temperatures go down to 15 below zero (+5F). He will cross the north face of Mount Everest and stay over at the Everest Base Camp. The trip should take 25 days. The project is underwritten by a bicycle tour company. Donations will benefit the The Hilly Region Development Club."

thx &

Awesome, I'm working towards what you're able to do! Amazing, keep it up.

waaaayy cool. Ive only ridden flatland and i have to work hard just for that.

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